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Things to do when moving to a new house

Moving to a new house can be a very stressful time with many arrangements needing to be made, often in a short amount of time. Once a sale is completed things can happen very quickly, so it’s important to be organised. Here are some important things to do when moving:

  1. Pack strategically

Whilst it may be tempting to pack items up as quickly as possible, taking a little time to group similar belongings together will save time in the long run. It’s also worth asking if you really need the items or not – moving house is as good a time as any to declutter. Ensure that any items you will need in the first 24 hours e.g. toiletries and a change of clothes are packed separately so they are easily accessible when needed.

  1. Label all boxes

This may seem incredibly obvious, but when people are in a rush, this simple step can be neglected. Being as specific as possible about the contents can really help when it comes to removal day itself as well as unpacking later. Clear room labels will ensure boxes end up in the right area of the house, with more detailed descriptions of contents allowing you to prioritise which boxes get unpacked first.

  1. Change the locks

Whilst it’s important you get your packing right, it’s also vital that you change all the door locks when you move to a new house. There is no way of knowing who may have been given spare keys by the previous owners and whether they have returned them or not, so it is best to get new locks fitted straightaway.

AR Removals provide commercial and domestic removal services across Wakefield and the Yorkshire region. Our fully trained staff help homeowners move their belongings from A to B safely and efficiently. We also offer a packing and unpacking service if required. For more information about the services we provide please get in touch on 01924 371164.

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