Single Item Removals Wakefield

From time to time you may need to send just one item to a client, friend or associate and it might be too big to fit in your car, or you may not have the time.

AR Removals can offer a single item removal service for clients across the whole of Wakefield, helping you out of a problem.

Our single item package is only £15 (dependent on location?) and we will pack, pick up, and deliver to your location for this nominal fee. We can pick up early in the morning, deliver late at night and work around your schedules so that your item is moved when most convenient.

Why use a removal company to move a single item?

If the item is large then convenience could well be one of the main reasons behind this, but it might also be more cost effective than using a courier and if you are a business, we can build a relationship with you so you know who will take your items.

We can also offer an emergency package should you require an item being taken to a location late at night or you have forgot to send it to a venue.

If you would like to know more information about single item removals in the Wakefield area, please do not hesitate to contact our team today on 01924 371 164.