August 15, 2016 ar_removals News

Guide To An Easy Move

Moving home is one of the biggest causes of stress after divorce and bereavement. Moving to a new home is meant to be exciting but the process of moving is always a dread. To ensure that you have a hassle free move, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Be Organised

The main and most obvious point is to not leave your packing till last minute. It can never be too early to pack. The earlier you begin to pack, the easier it is going to be on the actual day of moving. Go through all your belongings and get rid of the things you don’t particularly use. This will make it a lot easier for you to pack and unpack also.


Labelling your boxes is a really good way of keeping organised. Most do this anyway, but it’s important to label your boxes appropriately and so that you understand it. Simple and not complicated is the way to go for an easier way of unpacking.

Boxing Up

You’re going to be doing a lot of carrying so it’s important to not overload your boxes. Using big boxes for lighter items and heavier items in smaller boxes will not only reduce the risk of injuring yourself, but also protects your belongings from damage.

Enjoy Your New Home

Once you’re all unpacked take time to relax and get used to your new surroundings. You’re already stressed from the moving house process so it’s important to rest. It’s time to enjoy this new chapter of your life.

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