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The latest housing developments in Wakefield

Planning permission has been approved for a huge housing development in Wakefield which is set to drastically increase the number new home buyers the area. This month, council bosses have drawn up the guidelines to ensure that the massive developments on the east of Wakefield will best serve the interests and needs of the public and local community

The development at City fields will create 2,600 new homes, parks, retail space and business premises across a 375-acre site between Doncaster Road and Alferton Road.

The council have produced a ‘masterplan framework’ for the develop and it will be discussed in a cabinet meeting this weekend. In total, the development is expected to take up to 20 years as from its commence date this year.

The council released a statement regarding the ‘masterplan’ for the development;

The plan provides information on new homes, business areas and how people will be able to travel around the area on foot, by bicycle, car or public transport. “It explains how the area will be developed and shows how streets and open spaces will be connected.”

The plan also explains how the local community will benefit from new public art instillations as part of the wider development to the area.

“A City Fields Public Art Action Plan sets out the over-arching vision for the delivery of public art at City Fields and the key projects that are intended to be developed to create a clear sense of place and community.”

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