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Advice for moving house with different pets

Moving into a new home is a big step for the whole family, and our pets are a huge part of our family too. Moving to a new location as well as settling them in can be scary and confusing for pets. Make sure you prepare well in advance for your pets to make sure the move for them is as stress-free as possible.

Different pets need to be tended to differently, here is some advice on how to move with different pets:

if your moving with dogs the key thing is to keep them calm. If you stress out the dogs can feel this which makes them anxious and therefore more panicky and chaotic. Try to take your sogs for a walk as close to the move as you to tire them out beforehand so they can relax. If the journey will take a while then either make sure they are in a suitable dog-ready vehicle or alternatively give them to a friend or family before the move.

Cats are similar to dogs in that they need to be calm and relaxed before the move. Cats are extremely territorial so moving them to a new house and location will be more stressful for them than other pets. The best thing to do at the new property is to bed them in comforting them with treats and toys.

Fish are extremely common pets in UK households, however, transporting them can be extremely complicated. The best thing to do is transport the using a portable container such as a sealable plastic bag or container. Make sure you are e the same water that they have been living in to avoid shocking them with a different climate.

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