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December 21, 2017 ar_removals Uncategorized

Removals tips in winter

Moving is already a difficult, stressful and complicated situation; whether it be a home move or office relocation, there are a considerable number of factors that can complicate your removal process. Winter is one of the many things that can complicate an already difficult situation and therefore needs to be carefully factored in.

Winter further adds to the problematic removal process with elements of danger and hazards that you also need to be aware of when planning on your move. The harsh winter weather poses lots of issues for your move, such as delays, icy roads, un-driveable weather. Prepare for a winter move as bad weather as it can directly impact and affect the removal process through several different ways.

One of which is the cold temperatures are incredibly uncomfortable to be working outside in, especially if you have lots of loading and unloading cars and vans. Secondly, the cold temperatures are often genuinely hazardous as the roads can often ice over and your drives and pavements can become slippy and dangerous. Also, harsh winter weather like strong winds, heavy rain and snow can make your moving day much more dangerous than a summer move. To prepare for this expect the worse beforehand so you are well prepared for what winter weather can through at you, grit your drive the night before and make sure you have lots of warm clothes on.

Another way moving in winter is more complicated than summer is because there are fewer daylight hours in the day. As night draws in sooner, you have approximately 4 fewer hours of sunlight than the summer. As a result, the days get dark by around 4 pm which makes the packing, unpacking and driving slightly harder. You should try to aim and move home during the day before night draws in. However, if due to work hours or the availability of the removal company you use, make sure you plan ahead to prevent stumbling around in the dark.

It’s important to get your removal company booked early to ensure you can secure your moving date. This will allow you to pick the time of day that’s best for you and will prevent you from finding the local removal companies are fully booked, especially near Christmas. Although, most good moving companies do understand that your date can change. So, unlike other removal companies, we at AR Removals Wakefield won’t charge you if you need to reschedule. In fact, we only require 2 days notice to organise your full move!

AR Removals provide an efficient and affordable removal service for people in Wakefield whatever the weather. For more information, contact us on our website today or call 01924 371164.