May 21, 2018 ar_removals Uncategorized

AR Removals join carbon neutral initiative

AR Removals, of Wakefield, is proud to support Buzzmove in their initiative to encourage a reduction in the impact of the carbon footprint of removals by a program of tree planting.  Buzzmove is the online comparison site for removal companies, helping over 50,000 customers to arrange a stress-free removal with one of the 250 removal companies registered on the Buzzmove site.

Buzzmove explains their new CO2 pledge, to try and neutralise the carbon emissions released by removal companies, by the planting of trees. AR Removals is very pleased to join Buzzmove in this excellent initiative.

Buzzmove says  “Moving home is inevitable. However the negative impact on the environment from the C02 released doesn’t have to be.”

Under their scheme, called ‘Treesforlife’, Buzzmove is carrying out a program of tree planting, sponsored by individual removal companies. Buzzmove explains that their aim is “to become carbon neutral, based on the total moves our companies generate on our site.” Buzzmove hopes to plant 2,160 trees in 2018.

AR Removals encourages responsible use of the world’s resources, and is proud to support this forward-thinking initiative by sponsoring the planting of a tree to offset the carbon emissions caused by removals. Buzzmove explains that one tree can offset 105 kilos of carbon dioxide in 5 years, or one tonne of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old. Trees commonly live much longer than 40 years, so will continue to provide carbon neutralising benefits for very many years to come.

AR Removals offers a bespoke, tailored removals service in Wakefield and the surrounding areas, and we always provide a pre-quote visit to agree the exact requirements of the move, which may vary from an entire house or office move, to a single item, or emergency move. With a business founded on transport, we are aware of the need to preserve our natural world by reducing carbon emissions wherever possible, and we are proud to be featured on the Buzzmove leader board as an eco-friendly removal company.